Every Sunday morning at 10 am

september 2018 Worship Assistants


september 9

Greeters: Irene Geiselmann
Ushers: Irene Geiselmann & Ken Geiselmann
Lector: Jeremy Boyer
Assisting Minister: Steve Oberndorf
Communion Assistant: Marcia Hayes
Altar Care: Irene Geiselmann
Counters: Irene Geiselmann & Ken Geiselmann


September 16

Greeters: Terry Graney with Izabella & Alivia Graney
Ushers: Terry Graney with Izabella & Alivia Graney
Lector: Elfrieda Fenton
Assisting Minister: Sally Bayhi
Communion Assistant: Barbara Mascola
Altar Care: Ellen Stoklosa
Counters: Terry Graney


september 23

Greeters: Julie Franchino
Ushers: Julie Franchino & Peter Franchino
Lector: Dave Reed
Assisting Minister: Emily Thomsen
Communion Assistant: Julie Franchino
Altar Care: Terry Graney
Counters: Elfrieda Fenton


september 30

Greeters: Ruth Sekula
Ushers: Ruth Sekula & Greg Sekula
Lector: Barbara Mascola
Assisting Minister: Ken Geiselmann
Communion Assistant: Sally Bayhi
Altar Care: Irene Geiselmann
Counters: Ruth Sekula & Greg Sekula


october 7

Greeters: Evelyn Oberndorf
Ushers: Evelyn Oberndorf & Marcia Hayes
Lector: Ellen Stanberry
Assisting Minister: Steve Oberndorf
Communion Assistant: Dave Reed
Altar Care: Ellen Stoklosa
Counters: Elfrieda Fenton


On the fourth Saturday of every month, members of Holy Trinity assist in serving a nourishing hot meal to those in need at the Care Kitchen run by St. Vincent's Church in Nutley. Fresh vegetables grown in our big table garden also are provided to the Vincent Care Kitchen.


The Nutley Family Service Bureau is in the process of renovating their building; they are requesting Shoprite/Target or Money Gift Cards during the transition. If anyone is interested in donating cash (even a very small amount), please use a pew envelope and mark it "Food Pantry". Or you can purchase gift cards and place them in a pew envelope marked "Food Pantry". Thank you!


“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth, break forth into joyous song and sing praises.” 
- Psalm 98:4

Music is a vital part of Lutheran worship. Holy Trinity is a community that welcomes and encourages musical worship through psalms, hymns and beautiful choir anthems. Our gifted choir, led by our very talented cantor, Scott Jones, supports the congregation’s singing, leads the musical liturgy and performs a rich variety of uplifting and inspiring anthems during our worship services.

If singing is your passion, we invite you to share your musical talents with us. The choir rehearses on Sunday mornings following the 10 am worship service. Contact Scott Jones for more information.