As a new school year begins, so does a new Sunday School year here at Holy Trinity! Beginning on September 9th, we will be offering Children's Faith Formation on the second, third and fourth Sundays of each month during worship. Children aged 3 1/2 - 6th grade will be invited to join their teacher at the back of the worship space after the reading of the Gospel and will return to worship in time to receive Holy Communion (or a blessing) with the congregation. The first and fifth Sundays of the month will be opportunities for the children to remain in worship with the whole community for the entire worship service and receive a Children's Sermon right after the reading of the gospel.


Starting Thursday, September 27th at 6:30 pm & Sunday, September 30th at noon, join us as we study "Living Our Baptism." The studies will go through October 25 (Thursday) and October 28 (Sunday).

On Thursdays, we will start with a soup supper at 6:30 pm, then the book study immediately after. On Sundays, we will start at noon with the study. Please bring a brown bag lunch!

There is a sign-up sheet at the back of the Sanctuary for those who would like to provide soup and/or bread for the Thursday evening study group.