Lent, 2019. Pastor Irwin will be offering all-ages instruction about Holy Communion. More details will follow in the next newsletter.
It is our practice at HTLC to commune all who come to rail seeking the Bread of Life, regardless of age or understanding. It is good practice, however, for the sake of good order and for the deepening of our faith, to offer opportunities occasionally for all who receive Holy Communion to be informed better about this gift of grace. For those families who prefer to have their children receive instruction prior to receiving Communion, we will have an opportunity for "First Communion" during our Holy Week worship on Maundy Thursday (March 18, 2019).
If you are interested in participating, or having your children participate, or just can't wait for more information, feel free to reach out to Pastor Irwin!


Every Sunday during worship. On the second through fourth Sundays of each month, children aged 3 1/2 - 6th grade will be invited to join their teacher at the back of the worship space after the reading of the Gospel and will return to worship in time to receive Holy Communion (or a blessing) with the congregation. The first and fifth Sundays of the month will be opportunities for the children to remain in worship with the whole community for the entire worship service and receive a Children's Sermon right after the reading of the Gospel.